Bedraggled Brotherhood

The human existence has been struggling and grasping with this concept of God for awhile. Who is this Creator? Is He good?

However, once we get to the point of belief and know the Good News why is it still hard for us to devote ourselves to the one who died for us?

We are simply trying to explain the inexplicable. We paint this picture of a mystery box labeled “God” then paste theology and divine ideas to it as a way for us to understand it’s complexity.

Our human capacity is pathetic. Our souls are held up in a sad state of affairs that try to find a way out of unconditional love.

We are puzzled. Confused. Lost. Hurting.

I feel as if I’m a member of the brotherhood of the bedraggled, beat up, and burnt out. I wish not to lose my connection between internal purity of heart and external works of piety. Instead, I long for an authentic faith that leads to treat others with unconditional seriousness and to a loving reverence for the mystery of the human personality.

I’m convicted.

In response to this is a passage from The Ragamuffin Gospel,

“The first step toward rejuvenation begins with accepting where you are and exposing your poverty, frailty, and emptiness to the love that is everything. Don’t try to feel anything, or do anything. With all the goodwill in the world you cannot make anything happen. Don’t force prayer. Simply relax in the presence of the God you half believe in and ask for a touch of folly.”

Now I’m really convicted.

I get on my knees and beg for that touch of folly. To die to myself and completely give my life to a seemingly invisible God must seem crazy to nonbelievers. But He isn’t  invisible. I see Him in so many ways. He gently caresses the world He created in so many unique ways. His loving kindness and grace wash over me like a sweet wave that tickles my toes, then is suddenly to my knees, and then crashes down on me like a righteous force.

So for this I beg to look insane and to look as if I’m full of folly. This religion isn’t easy but this relationship is priceless.

It is a consuming fire.

I ask for this baptism of fire. 

“Jesus is so unbearably forgiving, so infinitely patient, and so unendingly loving that He provides us with the resources we need to live lives of gracious response” (TRG).

To Love Like Jesus

But, “love has its own exigencies. It weighs and counts nothing but expects everything. Perhaps that explains our reluctance to risk” (TRG).

So there it is. The touch of folly. We cannot give Christ our troubles and worries then keep our lusts and addictions for ourselves. This Love expects everything and there is nothing better that we could do than give it all to Him.

We don’t get to choose if we are loved in this world. That is just our skewed perception of worldly “love.” Rather, it is up to us to accept the divine love of Christ and allow others to see the True Love through our actions and words. It is difficult because we want to feel that love from the world that we exist in but we are not to conform to the world. Instead, we must reside in Christ which is pure, unadulterated Love.

So my prayer for every soul that graces this earth is from Ephesians,

“May He enlighten the eyes of your mind so that you can see what hope His call holds for you, how rich is the glory of the heritage He offers among His holy people, and how extraordinarily great is the power that He has exercised for us believers; this accords with the strength of His power…

So that Christ may live in your hearts through faith, and then, planted in love and built on love, with all God’s holy people you will have the strength to grasp the breadth and the length, the height and the depth; so that, knowing the love of Christ, which is beyond knowledge, you may be filled with the utter fullness of God.”









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