To Suffer Well

We walk hand in hand through the garden reminiscing through the hard times, the pain, and the suffering. Times like when I was in the ICU unable to move with a chest tube sticking out of my side, when my body was broken on a surgical table to replace 3 faulty joints with metal, and the darkest hour in Bethesda. 

He showed me where He was in each moment. In the sun that shined on my pale face, in the kindness of my favorite nurses, and the sacrifice of so many of my family members. In the protective covering of my body against side effects, in the God moments with janitors and anesthesiologists, and the sweet little golden companion who came along to help me through emotional times. Like unlocking a time capsule we walk through each room of my heart unveiling many of the wounds that have been left untreated.  

Through every chemo, every surgery, and every hospital stay the Lord was with me. He never left me. He took the beating too. I have only begun to tap into the mystery of suffering but what I have come to find is that the soothing salve of healing will always come. 

I remember the prophetic dream I had in the middle of this chaos. My watch read 9:21 and as I woke and looked to the scriptures I found Matthew 9:21, 

“She said to herself, ‘If I only touch his cloak, I will be healed.’” 

The mercy of Jesus is that you go to touch that robe and He turns and clothes you with it instead. A full submersion of grace. Like a little child wearing their Dad’s clothes it drapes over you in a soft, safe haven. 

As we walk hand in hand we come to a clearing. The table is set before me and all of my family and friends are standing and shouting in joy and glee. It is a time to celebrate! I look up at Him and His eyes shine with compassion and elation. “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Suffering well is not for the faint of heart. You build a resilience that can turn to hard walls as a guard around you or you can let it show you a new perspective. To gain a new lease on life. One that takes every day as a gift, every moment precious, and inviting every risk. 

My commission to you now is to let the healing flow in your life. Whether it be forgiveness or to be forgiven the opportunity is there for you. Allow yourself to be clothed in the robes of mercy. The Father runs to meet the weary, stoops down to hold the broken, and stands in the fire with the suffering. 

Let His Kingdom Come. 

Much love,

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  1. Dear Ambassador of God, Greetings from India in Jesus our Lord.

    I am a Servant of God.

    Could you please pray for the salvation of the perishing souls in India?

    Thinking you
    Your Servant for Jesus our Lord


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