Goodness of the Moment

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One of the truths that was a constant encouragement for me during these last few months was that my Jesus makes everything good. When we look through the lens of Christ we see even the dirtiest, toughest situation produce good. Sometimes He gives us little glimpses of the good parts during the hard parts. It’s like Light breaking through the dark. However, for me it sometimes comes in a sudden revelation. I could be in the midst of a conversation, walking down the sidewalk, or reading a book and a lightbulb will come on inside my head. I think Jesus smiles when that happens cause it’s almost like a text from Him saying, “Hey, remember that super sucky situation? Remember I’m a redeemer? Here’s some good news.”

I posted this picture of me because I wanted to share the wild story behind it. It is from my time in California when all my friends were crazy adventurers and talented photographers. I was thinking about this past year and specifically the 7 months that led up to my diagnosis. I tried different doctors and stopped in at the ER a couple times when it got really bad but no one found the nasty tumor until February. I thought about all the activities that I did while I was sick. Then I came across this picture and got one of those text revelations from the Lord. I think He wanted me realize how vital He was in my survival. So often we go through life receiving His blessings and then don’t take the proper time to thank Him for them. When I looked at the picture a couple things came to mind.

So I really like to go with my friends and adventure around to different places. When I was in California I tried to go as often as I could. The day this picture was taken I had jumped in a packed Subaru and off-roaded to the middle of nowhere to climb the top of a mountain. Okay let’s take a step back and think about this for a moment. I was at least 20 minutes from any civilization, in the middle of nowhere, and I climbed a mountain when I could barely go up the stairs without stopping for a breath. While I was basically crawling up to the top I lost my inhaler. When I made it to the top I was exhausted and my head hurt so bad from the elevation. I was freaking out a little internally so I got one on one with Jesus and told Him that He was the only one that could help me in this situation. After that, I watched the sunset over the ocean, posed for some pictures, and laughed with my friends.

I don’t think I recognized how dangerous that situation was until now. I had a tumor cutting off 70% of my right airway and I thought it would be cool to climb a mountain. Okay so I didn’t know about my tumor but doesn’t that just testify about the goodness of Jesus? He rescues us so often and most of the time we don’t even know it or don’t recognize it until much later. I can’t even imagine the amount of times He has saved you and me without us even knowing it. When He says He has a plan for each of His children He doesn’t mess around. He keeps us safe and guides us and often times we are completely unaware. Think about the measures that parents go to keep their child safe. Now put that on the scale of every second of our entire lives in this fallen world.

What really gets me though is the fact that after He saved me He allowed me to soak up the goodness of the moment. You don’t see a struggling girl in this picture. You see hope, joy, and peace. He not only protects us but gives us opportunities to live a life of fullness and abundance. My sister saw this picture and simply said, “It’s just like God’s love.” So now I get to tell you the good news that my last scan came back clear and I am in the final stages of treatment. There are still some major decisions ahead of me but hey let’s celebrate the goodness of the moment.


I love Jesus. He’s the best. I get mad sometimes and ask Him a bunch of hard questions like I talked about in my last post. But every single time it just comes down to sitting at His feet and looking at His face and listening. In that decision I get to hear about how He loves me endlessly, He has plans for me, that my dreams will come to fulfillment, and He has the best in store for me. We don’t deserve it but He gives it freely. So whatever your mountain is take a moment and ask for His help, listen to His words, and then soak up the goodness.


With love,


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