Foolishly Faithful

I take a deep breath and smell the sweet fragrance of the air around me as I walk down a simple path. I can hear the rush of the water running alongside the road and see the large cranes diving deep for their treasures. Plush clouds scatter throughout the sky painting it with watercolor streaks of light blues, pink hues, and warm yellows. I look up from the pavement and see a simple white flower to the side. Something about it stops me in my tracks. It beckons to be followed as I continue along counting the flowers as they litter the path. 

The thing about being foolishly faithful is that it is dangerous. It is risky. You make waves all around you all while hoping the impact is based on truth. You rely on the strength of the cord tethered to the throne. The foundation of the relationship formed by fire. Everyone experiences suffering but few allow themselves to be refined. The purity of the substance then continues to be tested as the environment around them constantly tries to combine. 

I am led around the corner to a thick blanket of white flowers calling me to come rest. Like little promises soon to envelope me with intoxicating fragrance. I feel as though I could jump in as they sing to me. I can feel the presence of the One who crafted them, who crafted me, asking me to come away with Him. 

Sometimes it may look different. Like a gritty, hard knuckled, wild ride in faith and trust. A furnace that burns away what isn’t Him and purifies the gold that He has called you to be. But yet, what a treasure it is to be held by Him, protected and safeguarded. Because isn’t the receiving of the promises even more sweet and fragrant after the war of standing in the in between? Aren’t the flowers softer to the touch after the grit of standing firm? 

As the flowers reveal their secrets I realize that this holy place can be found amidst the suffering. In fact, it is where He desires us to be when everything is crumbling around us. Every white petal whispering a promise as we soak in the presence of our Father. As we draw near we feel as though we could face anything. Time and time again He is tested and proved faithful so what if our response was the same? A foolish faith that casts aside care and dignity. One that leaps and hollers, cries and mourns, and loves with a deep passion of justice and truth. 

Let it be so. 

Jump in. Breathe deep. 

Much Love, 


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