The Jungle

I sit on the shore of a sea of glass. Glorious colors reflecting off of the crystal waves as the sun hits every angle. I sense an awe about the place, a beauty and a sovereignty hums like electricity in the air. As I walk along the shore I am led down a path to a greenhouse. I can see through the glass walls that plants within it are thriving. There is a sense of control here where I am able to maintain the growth of the greenery around me. I rub the leaves between my fingers and take a deep breath of earth and soil. It is refreshing to return to this place and breathe deep the fragrance of budding flowers and fruit. My own little greenhouse is comforting and relaxing yet something is stirring within me. 

I hear a light tapping on the window and turn to be face to face with the King. He is so close I can see His breath fogging the glass. He smiles and notions to the greenhouse around me. I can sense His understanding for cultivating this atmosphere but also a nudge for something more. I put one hand on my heart and the other on the window as a gesture of trust. His hand meets mine and in an instant the walls of glass shatter around me and I am met with an explosion of warmth and color. Laughter bubbles up in both of our chests as our hands interlock skin to skin. Radiance beams from the threads of His robe as He takes me into the biggest embrace. 

“Abba!” I exclaimed with tears flowing down my cheeks. 

“Thank you for your trust, my daughter, now look around you!” 

He smiled at me intently as I began to look around. I realized that with the walls of the greenhouse now gone we were surrounded by giant plants and trees. A true Eden. What my small environment could produce with its little roots now paled in comparison to the strength and power of the deep greenery around me. For what I knew about the Father’s heart was a microcosm of what it truly is. To experience His heart fully and completely meant sacrificing what I know and had cultivated. Releasing the grip of my control and watching as it is replaced with the lavish gifts of a fully present and unrelenting Father.

It is so easy to be caught up in the lie that we know what is truly best for ourselves. To feel the weight of the world and expectation of others that we enclose ourselves in our glass greenhouse of control and comfort. To be caught up in the pride of the fruit that this environment produces cheats us of what could be… an endless abundance of deep roots and the juiciest fruit of truth. His invitation is that of freedom. To live a life of uncompromising risk where instead of living in the walls of our self proclaimed dignity we release ourselves into the jungle of the Father’s heart as you explore the crevices and hiding places of what it means to be a son or daughter. What a joy it is to be a recipient of His wild affection. 

Much love,


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