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Foolishly Faithful

I take a deep breath and smell the sweet fragrance of the air around me as I walk down a simple path. I can hear the rush of the water running alongside the road and see the large cranes diving deep for their treasures. Plush clouds scatter throughout the sky painting it with watercolor streaks... Continue Reading →

To Suffer Well

We walk hand in hand through the garden reminiscing through the hard times, the pain, and the suffering. Times like when I was in the ICU unable to move with a chest tube sticking out of my side, when my body was broken on a surgical table to replace 3 faulty joints with metal, and... Continue Reading →

Sound Mind

I peer over the cavern’s edge to see the water beneath. A storm has just passed around it but the water seems to be untouched. Perfectly nestled in the hug of the earth surrounding it all I see is an expanse of deep blue begging to be explored. I look over and see a ladder... Continue Reading →

The Jungle

I sit on the shore of a sea of glass. Glorious colors reflecting off of the crystal waves as the sun hits every angle. I sense an awe about the place, a beauty and a sovereignty hums like electricity in the air. As I walk along the shore I am led down a path to... Continue Reading →

The Edge of Suffering

Thoughts of what a life best lived have been circling my mind as of late. When the circumstances of life puts a neon sign in front of you saying “You may not have much time” cracks begin to form in your thoughts. When I was little I couldn’t wait to grow up and do what... Continue Reading →

The Tension

“I waited patiently for the Lord to help me…” (Psalm 40:1) The tension of waiting for the Lord is a difficult thing. Like a taut rope I hang in the balance of patience, not knowing what the end of the rope might look like. I want to be a good steward, a good example for... Continue Reading →

The Feast

As I walk my path I look ahead and see a daunting giant waiting ahead for me. He is an ugly beast with a snarling face grinning at me. We have had a terrible past that has brought much pain and suffering. My body is marked with scars from our battles and as I limp... Continue Reading →

Cake Pops & Transplants

I have found myself inside the four walls of a hospital room once again. This time the room is more of a closet size and I share it with my angel momma. We get one little corner window and shelves to house all of my snacks. True to our nature we have developed a coffee... Continue Reading →

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