CR Pt. 1

First week of classes and outreach is finished! Change is such a funny thing because within one week my life has been flipped around but yet it takes documented moments like these to allow people to see the shifts that have happened within my heart.

These people that surround me are the real deal. They do not lay back in a complacent lifestyle of Sunday worship but instead live their life in a baptism of fire. We have proclaimed “Jesus is Lord” together, sought out the brokenhearted on college campuses together, and shared in the joys of the Lord’s faithfulness together. All while sharing the social formalities of introducing flesh to flesh. Simple questions of trying to get to know each other lead to presenting our raw and authentic testimonies of how we ended up in Huntington Beach, CA doing a radical program called Circuit Riders. Jesus showed up.

From the very beginning I was blown away by how extravagant this program is because I somehow landed on the steps of a 1.5 million dollar house to call my home with 20 other girls. I’m not stating this to boast but rather giving the credit to His lavish love. We are not elevated on a social platform because we live in cool houses and have good fashion (bless those Goodwills) but rather we have stepped into a everlasting stream of His love that has brought us together in a pool of thankful hearts. I wake up everyday still in shock and hope to never get used to this. I pray that I will never succumb to complacency here but rather live each moment for it’s full potential.

I have been placed on the Messenger’s team and will soon be standing on a stage sharing messages from the Heart to college campuses all around the US. What a neat idea. We are here for revolution and are chasing the hurting souls for there are better days ahead. If you want a taste of Jesus’ humor then take a look and listen to the 93 stories that sit in a classroom hungry for the realness of His love.

I’m telling you, this program has changed me already and I still have 7 months left. Who knows who I will be when I introduce myself next. So see ya in a heart change or two.

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