Humbled Reliance

I’ve got really big news and it comes with really big needs! In 38 days I will be embarking on an exciting move to Huntington Beach, California. I have made the decision to take part in a movement called Circuit Riders. Now these guys are serious about spreading the Good News in radical ways that leaves hearts changed and thirsty for the only thing that is necessary. Our main audience is college campuses all around the country which we will be touring from January-April. It is of the utmost importance to reach this age group that is in the training stage of adulthood. The next workforce generation. They are met with constant influence and we will choose to meet them where they are at and show them the True Love of Jesus. It is a simple gospel to show unconditional love yet most of us if not all fall short every day. We swim in the sea of grace and receive a gift of new opportunity at each turn.

Before we set off on our tour in the Spring we will be spending the Fall semester in a training and developing stage. It is here that we will be building community among over 100 students that have chosen to dedicate this next season to CR Experience. We will be stepping into leadership immersion, skill set activation, and Biblical study. Personally, I will be able to take the gifts of community and hospitality given to me and build on them and tap into potential like never before. I will then turn around and pour into others with that fire burning inside and see the fruits of the Spirit multiply as the Lord works His ways. Talk about exciting times!

Therefore I have made the decision, especially for the next 9 months, to dedicate this blog to updates on my journey with CR Experience. It is sort of a challenge to myself to consistently be writing my thoughts down and forming them into coherent posts where people can enjoy the wonderful adventure the Lord takes me on. I understand the vitality of keeping record of experiences but have utterly failed in the past. So here is to new beginnings!

In this next month I will be making the necessary preparations for the move to California. The biggest part will be fundraising for this journey. I have debated back and forth on the best way to go about raising funds for this program. It is truly humbling to have to sit down and think about how to ask others for finances. I secretly wish that I could do it all on my own and not have to ask for anything. Then the Lord pulled me out to the uncomfortable and told me to call on my Spiritual family in times of need. The total cost and tuition for CR Experience is $3,650. I have made the decision to take the insurance money from my totaled car and invest it into this journey rather than buying a new car. If you want to truly experience humbled reliance take away your transportation. Oh, the Lord speaks through struggle. With this insurance money I have a big part of my tuition fee covered. However, I still have a small part left plus other monthly costs of living that will need to be taken care of. The total sum that still needs to be raised for the total cost of living is $2,700. This will include all tuition costs, fees, food, and other monthly expenses. If you have any questions regarding these numbers feel free to reach out! I believe the best way to receive donations is through cash, check, or cashapp (cash tag: $ElisabethHope).

This next phase of life for me is truly a leap of faith. I am putting my words of trusting in the Lord, having faith in His provision, and relying on Him completely in action by joining CR Experience. I am elated to find my new passion and purpose through the discoveries in this program. I am opening my heart and extending my hand to invite you on this journey with me. California, I’m comin for ya!

P.S. If you follow this blog it will send you email updates for when I post on my journey!

“Just as the sunrise of faith requires the sunset of our former unbelief, so the dawn of trust requires letting go of our craving spiritual consolations and tangible reassurances. Trust at the mercy of the response it receives is a bogus trust.”

-The Ragamuffin Gospel


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