CR Pt. 2


I could think about Jesus all day. I could think about how His love unravels me. I could think about how His jealousy for me is like a consuming fire. I could just sit and be wrapped so tight in His loving embrace that my mind is enveloped in a never ending worship of my Uncreated God. However, one of our CR leaders said that love is a marriage of affection and action. So if I am carried away by the affection of Him but do not act for those not experiencing the fullness then my love is concentrated on how much I receive. That, my friends, is putting a cap on my love. For when we act we see salvation and when we see salvation our love increases. Therefore, by acting on the affection we receive we are actually causing a ripple effect of love on a much greater scale. This is just one of the many truths circling inside my mind because of this program. This experience that has changed my way of thinking. This discipleship that will call forward catalytic leaders into the nation. Circuit Riders are hungry but our appetite will never be satisfied. Praise God for that.

There have been testimonies of Muslim men renouncing their former beliefs and changing their tune to Jesus. Of Hindu men asking where they can go to church because their back pain has suddenly been healed. The deaf ear of a drug dealer being opened. Sorority girls being fed up of a standard life of hardships and lack of genuine authenticity and laying their life down for the one thing that is necessary. These are the voices of the Carry the Love movement. If we could just radically shift the culture of college campuses to have eyes for Jesus we might be a step closer to satisfaction. It isn’t about fame in our name but rather making the name of Jesus famous in our generation. That He blows up the social media feeds and is the hot topic of conversation over the dinner table.

Man, I love this community.

We absolutely love calling out the lies of the enemy. For when they come out in the Light he can’t hide in the shadows any longer. We attack strongholds with prayer, we encourage with Truth, and we bond through testimony. Our idea of a great weekend is traveling a couple hours to a serve a hurting community of drunks. In fact, this weekend we are headed to the number one party school in the nation. You won’t see us on the sidelines but rather right in the middle of the wildest neighborhood handing out cheeseburgers. Why wouldn’t we? The Love we receive is one that we cannot help but share. For Halloween we hit the campus of USC and saw 38 people surrender their life to Jesus. They were fed up with trying to find satisfaction in anything other than the One who spent an incredible amount of value in their creation.

People are probably puzzled by the Circuit Riders. In all honesty, our group is so unconventional that we love to catch the attention of others by going against the patterns of the world. Do you understand what I’m saying? When people stop and stare at this extravagant group of fiery eyed lovers they question us. Nothing makes us more excited than being able to share with others why we seem to be made of a different substance. We jump at opportunities to carry the love to the farthest groups. Jesus looked at the nations and startled them. We just wanna follow in His footsteps.

We don’t just want to talk about this. The invitation is to come and see. To experience. If one of the biggest goals of our Father is to have individual relationship with us then we extend that on earth by creating relationship with others. In a world of passivity and half-hearted RSVP’s we say to come join us at the dinner table. We invite then we show up. Here is a challenge for you: next time someone invites you to something don’t ask who else will be there. Let your love for that person be enough to commit and build relationship. Stop asking for excuses to stay in your comfort zone.

The hope in all that I write is that it stirs something within you. That you choose to not leave this day unchanged. Why can’t we expect the miraculous? Why not wake up each day and ask the Lord for His fullness? Stop the hesitation act. He leads us in everything we do. Quiet the world and listen for the still small voice. The fruit is unreal. I’m half way through the training part of CR Experience. Tour is coming up in January and it will be radical. But for now I’m encouraging you to ask God a question. Regardless of your beliefs and despite your circumstances take time to ask Him the most important question of your life.

Who do You say that I am?


Much love and see you soon.


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