The Beautifully Broken

I like to say that I have a thing for souls. Maybe that’s an odd thing to say but I think that when you are given the opportunity to meet someone’s spirit their whole appearance changes. You see, it is obvious to our eyes when we first see someone if they are pleasing to us. We process their outward image and decide which categorical box to put them in according to their attractiveness. Some even say first impressions are everything but I so strongly disagree.

When we focus on outward appearances and let them determine someone’s value to us then all we are allowing for our minds to do is scratch the earthly surface. This seems to be so difficult to tear away from. Yes, we do determine other people’s values based on our judgments and first impressions. Throughout our daily schedule our minds set these sticky traps of preset worldly judgments that fog our ability to connect. It is a sick common thread within society. This subject has been pressing my mind lately and I have asked the Lord to help separate myself from it because, given the chance, people often surprise us.

So let’s identify some of these preset judgments. Suddenly, you are more drawn to someone because of what they could do for you and your social construct. Maybe they would make a good story for your friends. More importantly, what if you need to outcast them and tread carefully when you walk by as to not get their unpleasantness on our white robes.  Now we’ve hit some nerves.

Please don’t misunderstand my meaning of connections. I am a firm believer connections build and support community. They are the backbone to many open doors and opportunities. Just don’t put someone’s worth in what they can do for you because they are so much more than that.

But the cool thing in all of this is that when we take the path less traveled and follow in the footsteps of Jesus, He may grant us the opportunity to meet their spirit. It changes your entire perspective on them. You are no longer looking with selfish interests but rather you look with a genuine heart at a Beloved Child. Suddenly, their smile is brighter, their eyes warmer, and they are so attractive in their own way. Don’t let a petty definition of “attractive” stunt your view of what I’m saying. We aren’t just talking about relationship material here, no, this is a matter of the fellow hurting people around you being put in boxes that diminish their worth. Because we like to stand on the rooftops and proclaim about how everyone has their worth and is beautiful no matter what but then hide behind our black cloak of shrouded judgement and hope others don’t notice. Some are more vocal about their judgment but others are silent in their disapproval and carry it in their presence. It is a silent killer of confidence and hope. It is deadly and it is a sin.

So my encouragement here, for myself and for others, is to take the time to meet someone’s spirit. First appearances seem to never escape us but with the grace of the Father we could see everyone through His eyes. Be prepared to hang out with the disheveled and untidy though. Jesus wasn’t a social climber. He didn’t go to expensive parties and mingle with the rich as to be accepted into their materialistic world. Rather, He went against social norms and loved on unclean women, diseased bodies, and beautiful brokenness.

Aren’t we all?

Broken. Frauds. Beggars at the door of God’s mercy.

Love on others but don’t just love the pretty. Take your humbled seat and be exalted by your Maker because the gospel of grace is never exclusive.


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