Sound Mind

I peer over the cavern’s edge to see the water beneath. A storm has just passed around it but the water seems to be untouched. Perfectly nestled in the hug of the earth surrounding it all I see is an expanse of deep blue begging to be explored.

I look over and see a ladder down to the water below and watch as the gentle waves lap on the shore, inviting me to join them. I grab ahold of the top rung and make my way down. I can feel my heartbeat quicken at the idea of what it means to be fully submerged. I dip my toe in and feel the shock of the cold water and draw back a little. The sound of the ocean speaking its native tongue welcomes me once again.

Step by step I venture in as the shock becomes refreshing. I am knee deep now and look back at the water. The sun has finally shown through the clouds above and a ray has cut through the water like a knife revealing what is below. Layers of rock and sea life await with bright colors, crevices, and aquatic vegetation. There is so much to explore and I simply cannot wait. I open my arms wide and fall back into the water with a burst of laughter.

Recently, the Lord has offered me a specific time of rest and renewal. It has been filled with beautiful moments of clarity, calm, and stillness. The clutter of my mind has been cleared out and has made space to hear the Lord’s voice. He has sweetly corrected me, instilled identity, and shown me more of His character as a loving Father.

I have felt the closeness of the Lord in a new way as some of my walls have gone under an assault. Gently allowing me to see that I have stationed guards around my heart, warning me if anything wants to come close. My need for control has been met with its enemy of humility. I guess the heart needs to go through a spring cleaning too.
There have also been moments of loneliness and a sense of idleness as the flesh speaks up and wants to be heard. Without immediate purpose I begin to face my idol of busyness. To fight the urge of needing to be seen but instead resting in the stillness.

I have tried new recipes, gone on challenging bike rides, read more books, and invested in my goals for this year. In my opinion, I think it is vital for everyone to do something like this. Take a step back and look at the fruit you are producing and allow space for healing to flow and change to take place. Sure it will look different for everyone but don’t count yourself out. You can make it happen.

Above all, I pray for a sound mind for you. To clear out the clutter and make space for the Father’s voice. What a beautiful opportunity to hear the Creator and as you finish reading this take a couple minutes to ask what He has to say about you. He has so much love to give. Take the risk, open your arms, and fall back into the water.

Much love,


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