A Kiss from God

Words have the power of life and death. Have you seen that video circling around about the experiment with words vs plants? A group of people had two plants. With one they showered it with loving words and kind affection and with the other they verbally abused it with harsh critical statements. The latter didn’t make it too long and actually began to wilt prematurely even though it was receiving the same amount of water and sunlight. The first plant thrived with big leaves and rich color. Interesting, isn’t it?

I find it easy to watch an experiment like that and feel a rush of empowerment to be more kind with my words and actions. Maybe I’ll even do a random act of kindness that day to prove my heart is in a better place. However, the next day someone will say something a little rough or I’ll be cut off in traffic and all empowerment will dwindle with the venom spat from my lips. Generally this will be followed by a feeling of guilt where I am met with the weight of trying to change old habits. What can we do about this?

Words are formed by thoughts which are produced from positions of the heart. We are constantly in our heads. I always have a conversation going through my head with different remarks about my surroundings or opinions on circumstances. Especially with social media as our fuel we are consumed by silent conversations. With such a sweet conviction I am forced to look into the root of the matter. Rather, the heart of the matter. What is the position of my heart? What am I allowing to enter into such a precious space? If Jesus is on the throne of my heart what am I allowing to be His unwelcomed neighbor? Would He enjoy this neighborhood I have constructed within my heart and spirit? Personally, I would much rather make room for Jesus to work within and transform me from the inside than have Him constantly be battling unhealthy and judgmental food which I have consumed.

When I went to get my passport photo taken the lady told me I couldn’t smile because it changes the entire appearance of my face and makes me unrecognizable to the security cameras. That is based on the assumption that when I walk through security lines I won’t be smiling but will rather have a straight face that would match the passport photo. Although I snuck a soft smile into the portrait this concept got me thinking. When I smile my attitude is different. It is more lively, excited, and happy. So if I smiled more often throughout my day generally they would be better days. It is the same with our words. If we start our days with asking Jesus to take the throne in our heart, transform us from the inside, and teach us to reflect His character I would find that my thoughts would be filled with love, compassion, and grace. My silent conversations would be with Him rather than my own selfishness. Spirit led thoughts over flesh based thoughts. Sounds pretty nice.

So my question to you is if God were to lean down and kiss you on the lips would He taste the deception that hides behind them or the honey of someone living a transformed life?


Much love,


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  1. I want it to be the honey, the fruit of the Spirit having changed my life. I have seen that video! Wasn’t it at a school in the UAE or something like that? It was a really powerful demonstration of the power of the tongue. Life is in our words! Your part about God kissing our lips made me think of Proverbs 24:26, “An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips.”

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