A Prayer of Faith

Would anyone agree with me that transition periods are tough? Today I want to share with you a prayer that has been my guide through a season where, at times, it was a little harder to smile, tears were more common, and the feeling of being lost was an undesired companion. It is called A Prayer of Faith and it can be found in Psalm 86. I’m reading from the Passion Translation because it is a beautiful gift and the words are like honey. I ask that you put yourself in this passage and speak the words as if they were your own.

It starts with asking God to bend down and meet us because we are humbled and broken. In desperate need of Him. I believe every solution to tough seasons come from crying out to God because from those cries comes comfort. He may not give you an audible answer right away but in all reality when we are crying out we are more desperate for His presence than anything else. From His presence flows the necessities our spirit craves. Companionship, protection, and a fierce love to cling to.

The passage continues to describe our situation. Guard us, Lord, show us favor as we turn to our Hero. Restore our joy for we have surrendered everything to You. You are so good, so kind, and ready to forgive. The part of me that is feeling humbled is partly due to the fact that I have acted quite like a child in a tantrum this past month. Asking and questioning but not going to the Source. Fighting and putting walls up but not truly seeking. As you throw your questions to the Lord, remember communication is vital to relationship, I ask that you also examine yourself and your heart. Check your motives. Are you simply seeking what you want to hear or are you open to hearing your Father’s voice? Healthy conviction is sweet because it opens us to an opportunity for maturity.

I’m bad at picking favorites but if I were to pick a part of this passage that I loved more than a lot it would be the following:

“For your grace-fountain keeps overflowing,

drenching all your lovers who pray to you.”

Soak in that for awhile for this part alone could bring serious revelation. Read it again. Feel that grace-fountain overflowing and drenching you as you pray.

If you continue to read we enter into a space of praising God. His miracles make it easy to know Him. All will worship Him and put His glory on display. We want to be taught more about Him, how He works, and how He moves. We want to be true apprentices. Learning the craft of His love and character so we can walk onward in His truth. We desire that everything within us brings honor to His name. I have fallen in love with the concept of being a disciple and journeying with the Holy Spirit to walk as Jesus did.

We thank you and recognize Your love for us as You placed a greatness upon us. We are nurtured by You. So tender and gentle. You are full of truth and (yet again) You bring us to your grace-fountain so that Your strength becomes ours. We ask that You display Your love to us today.

Cleanse our minds and purify our hearts as we walk in our true identity as dwelling places of the most creative Father.


Much love,


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