Goodness of the Moment

  One of the truths that was a constant encouragement for me during these last few months was that my Jesus makes everything good. When we look through the lens of Christ we see even the dirtiest, toughest situation produce good. Sometimes He gives us little glimpses of the good parts during the hard parts.... Continue Reading →

The Greater Power

Alright ladies and gents. My heart is pounding and I think it is because the Lord is revealing something big here. This requires extreme vulnerability on my part but in order for breakthrough to happen in our generations the power of testimony needs to be revealed. There is a power in silence but an even... Continue Reading →

The Generous Giver

It's a new year!! I hope you had such a sweet time during the holidays with family and friends. My break has been happily filled with catching up on stories and much needed rest. I'm just so dang thankful. Coming home has given me this opportunity to slow down and take in the tremendous amount... Continue Reading →

CR Pt. 2

I could think about Jesus all day. I could think about how His love unravels me. I could think about how His jealousy for me is like a consuming fire. I could just sit and be wrapped so tight in His loving embrace that my mind is enveloped in a never ending worship of my... Continue Reading →

CR Pt. 1

First week of classes and outreach is finished! Change is such a funny thing because within one week my life has been flipped around but yet it takes documented moments like these to allow people to see the shifts that have happened within my heart. These people that surround me are the real deal. They... Continue Reading →

Humbled Reliance

I've got really big news and it comes with really big needs! In 38 days I will be embarking on an exciting move to Huntington Beach, California. I have made the decision to take part in a movement called Circuit Riders. Now these guys are serious about spreading the Good News in radical ways that... Continue Reading →

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