The Commission

Let’s break the mold of vulnerability.

Let’s talk about the gritty. The uncomfortable.

Our nation needs revival. Our churches need freedom. People need to be loved.

I’m tired of normalcy and the complacency it brings in our lives. I’m sick of the sin of doubt and security creeping into the minds of wild revivalists and benching them. I refuse to see the fire burn out of the eyes of evangelists any longer. There is a story that needs to be told and the lives of the nations depends on it. Does it not break your heart that there are ears that haven’t heard they are truly loved down to their core? Do the injustices in the world not call for people to stand?

I have had the gift of doing discipleship programs and my eyes have been opened to so much truth. But the love of Jesus doesn’t require a fancy school. It simply asks for a yes from us. When you look into the eyes of the Good News and fully realize that you have been set free from all iniquity there should be a stirring in your spirit. He is asking you to be sold out for Him. He is asking you to leave your shame, guilt, comparison, depression, and hindrances behind you so that you can live in utter joy and peace.

For the past 6 months I have been battling a severe chest infection. It has been labeled as several different things but in the end I only know the effects it has on me. I struggle to do any simple activity, my breathing is shallow, and I have a cough that makes my mom shudder. Sickness is not an unknown presence in my life. However, it has taught me several things. One of the most important being the surety of His goodness. You see, the Lord has instilled these dreams in my soul. He has spoken over me to travel the nations. To tear down borders. To love. All in His name. I want nothing to do with anything that isn’t Him. So in order for these dreams to come to pass my body has no choice but to come under the will of Jesus. He commanded us to go forth and spread the Gospel. Together we will move mountains and make His name famous.

I’ve gotten to the point that in order for me to fulfill the dreams the Lord has placed in my heart it will take only Him stepping in to make them possible. There is no better place to be. I’m so dependent on Him. It is necessary for me to lean in on Him. Every day is a new day to be filled up. I can’t rely on yesterday’s bread to get me through today. It has to be new mercies every morning and He meets me every time.

Think for a moment. The same living God who resurrected Jesus from the grave after fulfilling the Ultimate Promise to break anything that blocked us from intimacy with Him is living inside of us. This is true relationship.

I cannot wait. Nothing can stop us. No sickness or financial burden will be able to stop us from declaring His love to the brokenhearted. I can’t shake this feeling that I am created for more than bed rest. My heart is on fire and it will only grow. I am coming with wild eyes and a love that throbs from the Heart. I am breaking molds. I say no to normalcy.

So here I am. Send me.

I’ll rest while I can cause I can feel Him stirring this adventurous spirit within me. I’ve only had a taste of what He can do with people who choose to not live under the fear of man and what they think. Isn’t it incredible that it is possible to live a life free of anxiety and comparison? We can live a life that isn’t bound to societal norms and I’m so grateful because things need to change in our generations.

The love of Jesus is so real. So tangible. The deepest desire of my heart is to see people changed by the radical grace that is set before us. For everyone to know that they have a place at the table and they are known, seen, and loved. Life is so beautiful and such a gift. We each have purpose but it takes looking to the One who created it to know His intentions. I love that it doesn’t look all the same either. Just and compassionate leaders are needed in the political system. Honorable and passionate people are needed in the world of business. Strong and nurturing women are needed to help bring breakthrough. Active and humble men need to rise up. Change is so possible and it is the cry of the Father to see His children come home.

So I take this season as a commissioning to these coming years. I am so expectant and so excited to see the fulfillment of these promises. As my sweet friend says,

“Do it, God!”

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