The Commission

Let's break the mold of vulnerability. Let's talk about the gritty. The uncomfortable. Our nation needs revival. Our churches need freedom. People need to be loved. I'm tired of normalcy and the complacency it brings in our lives. I'm sick of the sin of doubt and security creeping into the minds of wild revivalists and... Continue Reading →

His Exaltation

We do not control our words once they leave us. They can cause damage whether intended or blind. They can also dance off our lips in praise of truths such as heavenly affirmation, bold encouragements, and sincere forgiveness. Words can be life giving or cut like a thousand swords. Words are powerful. They are an... Continue Reading →

Exalted Scars

Why do we face adversity? Some would say that it is simply so that we lean on God. Without trials we would not need a savior. That, however, is to dumb down our relationship to a one way street. We only take what is so freely given when it is convenient for us to do... Continue Reading →

Live Like Camp

There is something about humble servitude that brings me to my knees to beg my God for a passionate fire and unconditional fever to understand the human personality. When my selfish desires and unrequited lusts are forced to the side I have the opportunity to see with unveiled eyes the beauty of the people around... Continue Reading →

Bedraggled Brotherhood

The human existence has been struggling and grasping with this concept of God for awhile. Who is this Creator? Is He good? However, once we get to the point of belief and know the Good News why is it still hard for us to devote ourselves to the one who died for us? We are... Continue Reading →

He is deeply upsetting

I want to be filled with wonder. With awe. With inspiration. I regretfully decline to continue to pray for money, success, and fame. I count any form of lust in my heart for a high position in the world as a grievous sin. I am inextricably sick with myself. I read a portion of the... Continue Reading →

Conviction Piece

The lingo of today is destructive. I often hear people say, "I hate myself" "Kill myself" "Society hates me" as a┬ájoke. They say it over and over. It becomes a standard. They start to believe the lies they spout for a second of comical relief. The power of the deceit and injustice of their words... Continue Reading →

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