The Generous Giver

It's a new year!! I hope you had such a sweet time during the holidays with family and friends. My break has been happily filled with catching up on stories and much needed rest. I'm just so dang thankful. Coming home has given me this opportunity to slow down and take in the tremendous amount... Continue Reading →

He is deeply upsetting

I want to be filled with wonder. With awe. With inspiration. I regretfully decline to continue to pray for money, success, and fame. I count any form of lust in my heart for a high position in the world as a grievous sin. I am inextricably sick with myself. I read a portion of the... Continue Reading →

Cheers to the New Year!

Diving into the Word results in the sweetest treasures. It is like plucking an apple of Divine Light from the tip top of a tree and biting into the kind, lovely, and appetizing fruits of the scriptures. You can find out all sorts of things about Jesus from the Bible. Things like what He was... Continue Reading →

Graves and Sunsets

"We push ourselves to wield influence or make a mark. Often we call that "vocation" but Jesus calls it "temptation." -Turn My Mourning into Dancing by Henri J. M. Nouwen Vocation- a strong feeling of suitability for a particular career or occupation. The excerpt above is from a devotional type book simply called The Blue Book. It is... Continue Reading →

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